What's A Free Members Account Username And Password On Secret Builders?


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Hi I'm wolfwolf1(in secret builders) ,if you want to earn supershills this is good way for year 2011 : Go to geenie jaanie then go to wheel of fortuna then then continue to click for 7times  on the spin board so there will be appear a message to stop do this . So you will stop and will go to your closet and double click on remova accesseries so you will earn 53 or 43 gold.
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Um...   I no many cheats like but I am not going to not tell this answer   but the no. Cheat is go on quest see on   and super shills cheat is go to there home and type you r name   and get   5 super shills per person clothes cheat   click twice to remove accessories and go to shop and wear the dress you want and go to closet again   and pres done   if you want to ask more questions come to north pole meet to alex908
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So  don't mention it much, just carry on playing YOUR OWN ACCOUNTbut if you lamos need it here:

Silverrmissttp: Shamma
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That is really none of your business because as you say they are secret.

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