Is There Any Accounts On Fantage Member Or Non Member Password And Username?


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Nada Fromaze answered
I see my mom made a blog I take good care of account and its not more then 5 its more then 10 and yes I really want a allgirlarcade vip account I will trade you a fantage member account
    am jessy fromaze
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Umm plz give me a real one because I lost money since someone hacked karolina100
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You: Nicloves
P : Changelcah
It may been changed the password ... If is I'm sorry (;
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Karolina100 pass karolina but someone hacked it when I wasn't it was owned by someone in my fantage buddy list I was playing around till I got her account
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Plz take this account and change the password plz it has 2013 stars for fantage!
Have fun!
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Bella Almeida answered
♥Hi I made a new account on fantage and I never used It is a Non member account here is the information for it Username.Bella_2011 Password.puppyz77 On that account its a girl if you want me to make a boy account for you just tell me to thanks! Hope I helped ♥
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its real I swear but somebody from going to change the password I don't know

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