What Is The Poptropica Member Password And Username?


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Poptropica is a virtual world for kids which allows them to travel, play games, compete and communicate in a safe environment. It is also educational to as kids can read books and comics.
The only way to get a Poptropica username and password is to register. Usernames and passwords are unique to every single user, so you need your own. To register:
  • Log on to and click 'new user'.
  • You will then have to create your profile so select if you are a boy or a girl and then select your name.
  • You will be given a character who you can then personalize such as changing the skin, hair or eye color or even change the character all together to have a different style.
Once you are happy with your character, click 'up' and your character will jump in a hot-air balloon and head to Poptropica where there are 15 islands to choose from. These islands include:
  • Shark Tooth Island
  • Time Tangled Island
  • 24 Carrot Island
  • Super Power Island
  • Spy Island
  • Nabooti Island
  • Big Nate Island
  • Astro-Knights Island
  • Counterfeit Island
  • Reality TV Island
  • Mythology Island
  • Skullduggery Island
  • Steamworks Island
  • Great Pumpkin Island
  • Cryptids Island
  • Wild West Island
  • Wimpy Wonderland
There are also further upcoming islands.

You can travel around the islands in your hot-air balloon by using your arrow to choose where you want your character to go. You will occasionally come across other character who you can ask questions about the game and find out information.

You may find there are a lot of adverts on the game, something that is not always appropriate for children. You can enter shops for example and when a poster is clicked on, it will lead the player to a website where there product can be bought in real life.
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Mines is shawnas_happy and mi password is ihateerin don't space it out this is how it looks spaced out I hate erin but don't don't space it out I have no money srry but I do have nice outfits I finished some islands
on mi other one I finished all of mi islands except for that new one
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Username: Jlk85

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Yes please complete the islands for me. Please do not change my pass word.
Username- numericorder
Password- 1357924680
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Elena1526 username 449301b password
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One poptropica username and password and this is my friends it is Username:kingbling And Password:kingbling they really work and he said I can tell who ever I want is it does not work say it does it and if it does say it does so try it out if you are trying to get some my Poptropica password and username and here is a 1 more Username:bulldog87 an password:pittbull990
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I don't flippin know but they don't work you selfish people I need to get my brother one but I spent my cash on a mothers day present

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