How To Change Your Name On 'Poptropica'?


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Names on Poptropica are generated automatically from a list of pre-approved adjectives and nouns.

This is done to protect users' identities and to provide internet security on a site which is used by thousands of children around the world.

However, there are a number of rumors on the internet about 'secret ways' to change usernames on Poptropica.

Changing your name on 'Poptropica'  

The website is very vague about how to edit a username once you're in game play. In the FAQ section of the site, the question: 'how can I change my username/password?' is answered only with instructions on how to change your password.

This might be an oversight on the part of the creators of the website, but I think it's more likely that we're simply not meant to change our user names once we've created a character.

The secret way to change your name on 'Poptropica'

I tried out the game and was assigned the name 'bendy chicken'. As you can imagine, I was pretty frustrated about being assigned that username - especially since my character looked more like an ant than a chicken!

However, at no point was I given an option to change my name if I wasn't happy with it.

Having scoured the internet for ways to change my character's name, I found plenty of sites that showed me how to change my password, my character's clothes, and how to grow a beard.

None of the websites and blog posts mentioned ANYTHING about changing username - so this leads me to believe that the real secret to changing your name in Poptropica is that THERE IS NO SECRET!!! You can't.
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There are only 2 ways I know. Cloning your account using the avatar studio and hacking the servers at and changing your player.dat file.

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I identify as Bensen Yee!

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It is real. There's this site where people go and change their name like mine. But, right now, the site is under construction.
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All you do is create an account, and erase the name, and there! Type your own name!
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It is a rare cheat. I don't know it.

Some Poptropica players have their names in it. Some of them also have their username!
There is a way but I don't know it.

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