I Would Post A Email To Chandrababu Naidu Can I Have His Email Adress?


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Taylor Edgar answered
There is no email address directory as such. There's no database in the same way as telephone numbers are listed.

One way to track down an email is to do a search on the person's name. But enter it as "chandrababu naidu", with the quote marks around the name. If this presents too many results to search through, try 'search within results' if available as an option and add another search term to help refine the results.

If 'search within results' is not available, try an Advanced Search and input other criteria that will revise the search down further. For example, "chandrababu naidu" + plastics, if the chandrababu naidu you are looking for works in the plastics industry.

If you know where chandrababu naidu works and they have a web site, try emailing to: [email protected] If this bounces, try the other email conventions such as [email protected] and [email protected] If each of these bounces too, you could as a last resort email [email protected] or [email protected] and ask for your email to be forwarded.

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