How To Check Emails In Yahoo?


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In order to check emails in Yahoo, you need to first create your Yahoo id. To do this, open on your web browser. Once the site is open, click on 'My Mail', then click on 'Sign Up'. An empty form will appear, you can now fill up the details. Suggest a unique id, in case your id matches with an existing id, yahoo will suggest few ids and you can select one of them.

Now, you have a Yahoo id, tell your friends and relatives about the new id you have created and ask them to send emails.

To check emails you need to log in to Yahoo first. The service will automatically check for any new mail and will place it in your inbox. If you want to check for new incoming mail while you are logged in, simply click on "Check Mail" in the left navigation bar.

To read mail, click on the subject of the message you wish to read.

You can sort mail by Sender, Subject, Ascending Date, Descending Date, or Size by clicking on the relevant column header. The default setting for sorting messages when you log in is "Ascending Date," but this can be changed in the Preferences section of the Options menu in the left navigation bar.

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