What's The Best Email Provider On The Internet?


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It depends what you are looking for. There are many email providers that offer lots of features. If you are looking for just a simple email provider and you aren't fussy then any will do.

Some popular email providers and their features include:

Yahoo! Mail: Yahoo! Mail is the largest email provider on the Internet. There are miilions of users for this email provider, and it offers various features depending on which option you choose. You can have a free version of of Yahoo! Mail, which gives you 1 GB of storage space, attachements up to 10 MB, spam and virus protection. Yahoo! Mail Plus costs $19.99 per year and gives you 2 GB storage space and no adverts when you work over a web browser. Yahoo! Mail Business costs $25 for set-up and $9.99 per month, and offers 2 GB storage space and a personalised domain name and email address.

Google: Gmail (Google Mail for the UK), is free and one of Yahoo! Mail's rivals. Gmail groups email conversations (emails that have been replied to) together, allowing users to have easy access to certain emails, and users are also able to label emails rather than placing them in a folder.

MSN (Microsoft Network): Msn has a wide range of Internet services, including Hotmail webmail. MSN Hotmail offers 1 GB free email storage and the chance for users to change to Windows Live Mail and have 2 GB free email storage instead.

AIM Mail: a webmail service provided by AOL. Features include 2 GB of email storage, Spam and virus protection, spell check, 16 MB email attachments. All features are free.

The best thing to do would be to compare all the features of the email providers and see which one you think is best suited to what you are looking for.
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Do not use free email providers because your sensitive data is not protected.

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GMX. They rock.
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Gmail hands down the very best, and I have tried them all, if you don't want a virus from email, Gmail is the one you want. I am IT for a large company GMAIL ROCKS (no I don't have Gmail stock but I sure wish I did)

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