What is the best internet browser?


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It really depends on what you want to do.  Opera is pretty much a one stop type source of all things internet, it can do mail, handle a plethora of news net protocols and is generally robust and portable to other platforms (if you have multiple computers you can synch your bookmarks and speed dial between computers).  It comes loaded with featurability for both development tools and a number of common user tasks, is very secure and boasts some of the fastest page loads possible.  Firefox is the other big name, it comes with fewer features but can be added to using a platform called GreaseMonkey.  Due to the lack of preloaded features it is slightly faster loading than Opera (Not by much though, ~1500 ns faster on a modern processor) though addons and modules can bog it down.  Once again, Firefox is among the more secure browsers however, it does attract attention from hackers simply because it is getting more use.
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I like google chrome but I tend to use IE more.=)
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I use firefox and chrome. Before chromes last update, it froze and or crashed a lot. Firefox will crash if left open and not in use over night to a few hours. It's just a matter of closing and restarting the browser for FF.
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Google's Chrome is a best internet browser in my point of view.

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Google chrome its the best i love it its the best one iv used yet
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I can't / won't pick one as the best, to me, they all have their moments. I'm going to give you a link to some browser reviews that are popular and mention the browser rockmelt because it isn't on the review list. It really dose depend on what you want and what you want it on. Are you on mac, windows or something else?

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