Okay So I Found A Galaxy S8 At A Park But Its Locked With Sprint. How Do I Unlock The Phone So I Can Use A Different Carrier?


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Teeheehee.... Just take it to Sprint and tell them all about your slimy personality! Maybe they will unlock it for you.... 😅

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Jann Nikka answered

Its not your phone return it to Sprint. Then ask the owner for a reward...

If he/she doesn't give you one.

Your good conscience will love you and so will Blurtit 😊

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PJ Stein answered

Have you ever heard of karma? Turn the phone over to either the police, Sprint, or the park owner. (If it is a city park, the park and recreation department. ) Don't be a selfish slug who thinks finders keepers is actually a thing with someone else's expensive property. 

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Can you? You can't except you contact a professional who can help you unlock the phone remotely. He has helped me and he's trusted. Contact Smith on Gmail through his username( Williamsdhackghost" at Gmail...comm) I'm sure he'd help you.

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Sophia Larry answered

You should return the phone to its right owner. That will be a charity also, you do good and have good.

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You need unlock code for galaxy s8. It is of 8 digit i think. You can generate unlock code from imei number of your galaxy mobile

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