How do you reset the samsung craft?


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There are three ways to reset the Samsung Craft. The first is the soft reset, which simply involves removing and then replacing the battery. For persistent problems, there are two hard resets, one will keep the contacts, while the other will remove all data present. Both hard rests are detailed below.

The hard resets will completely remove all data stored on the phone. As it takes time to re-install or reset all apps, games, settings etc after a hard reset, it is advisable to only perform it if absolutely necessary.

  • Hard Reset 1
Before attempting this reset, all data, including messages, contacts, etc and unique, personalized settings and apps such as games, for instance, have to be copied to the SIM or backed up on a PC to be re-installed later. This reset will remove everything, so the back up is vital. To do this hard reset, simply enter *2767*3855#

  • Hard Reset 2
This reset will also require a back up, as only contacts are kept intact. Once the back up has been completed, the following steps will reset the phone:

Go to the home screen and touch Menu. Then select Settings, followed by selection of Phone Settings. From the Phone Settings menu, select Security. Next, touch the grey box and enter the lock code.

The default lock code usually consists of the last four digits of the phone's number. If this has been changed, the revised lock code should be used. After entering the code, touch ok.

Now select Reset and confirm by touching Yes when prompted to do so. The phone will now be reset to factory settings, with contacts remaining intact. As stated earlier, this type of reset should only be used if a soft reset will not clear any existing problems.

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