My Mouse Pointer Is Way Too Fast On My Computer, Causing Me To Click On The Wrong Things. How Can I Slow It Down?


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Louise Gorman answered
Click on 'Start', then 'Control Panel', then 'Appearance and Themes'. If you look in the top left, you will see 'Mouse Pointers'. Click on this.

A window will appear, with a number of options for your mouse. To alter the speed of your mouse to make it slower, drag the bar towards 'Slow' in the 'Motion' section. Test it out and see if it is the right speed for you.

You can alter the 'Double Click Speed' of your mouse by clicking on the 'Buttons' tab. Like you did before, you can drag the bar towards 'Fast' or 'Slow'. Altering this will alter how fast your mouse double clicks. You can test the double click speed by clicking on the folder on the right. If you've set the speed to slow, then the folder will take a while to open. If you set it to fast, the folder will open quickly.
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I've had same problem, the day before I was installing Reginout system utility software on my system. Mouse was moving faster and when I click once, it just double-click the same thing twice. Using MousePad under laser mouse can fix this problem. Thanks

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