Why It Is Important To Make A Distinction Between Developing The User Requirements And Developing The System Requirments In The REP?


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The development of user requirements is essential to good software development. A project for the development of a software product for a business is a failure from the beginning, if the project manager does not possess a valid and complete understanding of the users needs. Sometimes the user does not have a complete understanding of the company software needs, and the responsibility rests with the project manager to assist business in this discovery process.

Initially the project begins with gathering good data, identifying the important things and interpreting them correctly. Only then can writing a good program begin. Technicians with good techniques and automated tools can develop and manage programming, which will fulfil the requirements changes for a business.

The development of system requirements is important from the beginning of a project to end and beyond. Programmers must have the knowledge and skills to write programs, create interfaces, interpret, design and develop software based upon the expressed needs of the business. The project manager with the assistance of business managers, analysts, programmers, quality and testing professionals and others gathers data and interprets data from beginning to end of the project.

Good planning is the beginning for good software and the user requirements dictates the system requirements in the design, architecture and development of good systems for user software.
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you have not taken into consideration how user requirements influences system requirement

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