Where Is The 'Insert' Button On A Gateway Laptop Computer?


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It's difficult to answer your question precisely because you haven't specified the model of your Gateway laptop, so I will try to give some general guidance to help you.

Where is the Insert Key?
The 'Insert' key will normally be labelled as such (or, it might be labelled as 'Ins'), so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it, if you take a look around your keyboard.

As a general rule, the 'Insert' key is located towards the top right-hand side of your keyboard, and will normally be positioned closely to the 'Delete' key. It might be located above the 'Backspace' key, and could be next to the 'Pause' key.

It's likely that it will be a dual-function key and probably labelled with 'PrtSc' (Print Screen) too - often this secondary label is written in blue lettering. The primary function of the key will still be 'Insert', however.

How Do I Use the Insert Key?
If you've ever hit the 'Insert' key by mistake whilst typing, then you will have probably been confused by the results. The key acts as a toggle in word processing programs and, when active, causes every letter you type to overwrite the character that's immediately in front of the cursor.

While this can be very annoying if it happens accidentally, it can be a handy function if you want to replace a string of text quickly and easily. You don't have to go to the bother of selecting the text you don't want, hitting 'Delete', and then finally, typing the text you want to replace it with.
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