Is playing a computer game on your laptop when the battery is dead considered not playing the game properly? My laptop still works by plugging it in.


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I don't think it matters if you plug in your laptop or use the battery

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No, and if you carry on, the world will end in a fireball sent from the Planet Janet.

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😲 ARE YOU SURE IT'S PLANET JANET! I THOUGHT IT WAS PLANET MICHAEL! I gotta go have a talk with that professor that little liar! 😡 Ive been shouting to the galaxies "MICHAEL! Keep your fire balls away from here!" 😭 I'm gonna end up in the Looney bin now! 😭
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What the hell?

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To be honest, I have not had such problems when playing. Although I don't really have any problems. I'm playing destiny 2 and if I'm having trouble completing a raid then I mess with game carry . LFC players are the best in the industry!

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