My laptop charger isn't working. It's plugged in, switched on, and it just isn't charging. It's not even registering that the charger is plugged in. It sometimes works for a few minutes but then stops again. How can I fix it?


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Unfortunately, I've never found a way to fix them. I've tried to dis-assemble some of them before for people but most are sealed units. I can change the plug in and that's about it. Sorry, but you're going to have to purchase a new one. They just don't make the chargers or the batteries very good anymore. Check your plug and plug in first as that is one problem I've dealt with.

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From all the laptops I've worked on over the years, the charger. the plug-in and the plug-port seem to be the biggest problem. Especially with age. Bummer ! Take a look at ASUS laptops ! Top quality!
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You can fix it but you have to buy a new one. If once laptop's charger got damaged you can not fix it permanently. It creates problem again and again. It is better to buy a new one. 

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And you know that how? It's generally the port or the plug.
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It sounds like the port for the charger could be damaged on your computer. You may need a new charger. Maybe it's not meeting contact long enough to obtain a charge for your laptop. If you have a old computer than you may need a new one - really hard to say.

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I've also had this problem before. Several times in fact. My current ratio is Latops 2 = Chargers 5.

I don't know about yours, but mine always seem to go funny because the cable has bent inexplicably... Or sometimes the plastic casing is split open and the wires inside are even frayed.

I've seen someone fix a stereo cable using a soldering iron, but I'm not great at DIY and don't own one, so I just buy a new charger each time.

The lifecycle of a laptop charger is so short that it really is starting to look like a money-making scam to me though.

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The same happens with me but with my phone...what I  discovered was that the switch it was plugging it in isn't proper....The inside isn't good. Might be the same problem for you...check it!

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