New Laptop Charger Sticks My Charge Percent - It's Stuck On 22% And Doesn't Know It's Plugged In---HELP?


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I have also had this problem before. Go ahead and shutdown your computer. Then remove your battery from the bottom of your computer. Then hold down your power button for about 15 seconds for the internal charge to drain. After 15 seconds, plug your charger in then boot your computer up. If your computer will not start, then your charger is defective. If it does turn on, then go ahead and shutdown your computer. After shutting it down, put your battery back in and then keep your charger plugged in and then turn on your computer. Your computer should now be charging.
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Hmm so I run a risk of breaking the computer? I don't really want to run a risk of not being able to turn it on.
So I turn off, remove battery, hold down power button on computer or battery?
I'm sorry but I don't seem to get it
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No you do not run any risk. All laptop batteries are removable. The part where I wanted you to hold down the power button to drain the internal charge is because I want the machine to know it does not have power. The system sometimes gets "confused" by this. And that is correct, remove the battery, hold down the power button on the computer. And the part "If your computer will not start, then your charger is defective." is just to check if your charger will give out power.

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