My new laptop has good specs, but it doesn't run any online games without lagging, glitching and jumping, and ive seen videos on youtube run things like Black ops 3 on the same specs, please help XD?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

While your PC may be great, you also have to consider your internet connection speed and internet traffic. A low speed internet connection could cause the issues you are experiencing. The amount of people using your internet may also contribute to the issue.

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Karl Sagan answered

In fact, you need a really powerful machine to run modern games on high settings without low FPS. I had to waste a ton of money on a decent gaming setup. And for me, it was even more expensive because I also need to stream and it requires even more performance out of your PC. But I am glad that after I invested in proper gaming gear and promoted my twitch channel using this service it started to pay off slowly.

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Peter Cohan answered

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