Which hybrid laptop should i get? I want to be able to play games on it like minecraft and ffxiv.I want to get a laptop I can draw on to but it doesn't have to come with a drawing thing long as I can get something so I can draw on it.The budgets 1300.


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Maybe this will help you some. Personally, for me, ASUS is the best brand out there. You can also type your search in Amazon and check out their selection. May be kind of hard to find a hybrid that has the power to run both things you want to do.

Asus - Transformer Book

Hybrid Laptop Buying Guide - How to Buy a 2-in-1 Model - LaptopMag

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It's going to be hard to find a pre-built laptop with that cost in order to run Witcher 3 with very smooth gameplay.

Here is a website to help you out on what you should be getting. Simply type in the games you want to play and it will say the "required specs" vs the "recommended specs".


After that you can go computer shopping and see which best fits your needs. I hope this helped

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