Should i buy Gaming Laptop so i can play and work at my PC at the same time or should i just upgrade my PC? what is the most better way?


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Richard James Profile
Richard James answered

Hello there. A gaming laptop is really good, but the problem
is that it is way too expensive to get one that you can upgrade. The upcoming
games come with better graphics and most gaming laptops have a limit in terms
of power and upgrade. A PC, on the other hand, is way more versatile and can be
boosted without spending much. So, I would say that upgrading the PC is better
than buying a laptop. That’s my opinion!

Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

It seems to me that a powerful computer never hurts, so if you have the opportunity, then buy something more powerful. In fact, I don't need a computer for any serious tasks. Basically, I just play games like league of legends on my laptop. Well, I hang out on the Internet, reading information on blogs about Kha jungle path, about how to play more successfully, and in general any other information about the league of legends.

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