What Should I Do When My PC Shuts Down While Working?


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There may be the number of reasons of automatic shut down of your computer while working.There may be some hardware problem or some software problem.First of all check the power supply of CPU. If the power supply is not working properly or if the power cable is not conducting properly, the system can shut down.Some times there are fluctuations in the voltage level, thus due to the insufficient voltages the system is powered off.

The best solution for controlling the voltage fluctuations is UPS.The UPS (uninterrupted power supply) provides the constant voltages that are required by your system to work properly.It also makes the system enable to be properly shut down in the case of power failure. Thus, you can easily save your data before shut down and no work will be lost.
Secondly, this problem may arise due to some virus. Now days there are too dangerous viruses to imagine. In order to fix this virus, install an program on your computer and regularly update this program, because the latest viruses can't be fixed by the anti viruses that are out of date now. Try to check your system in these perspectives and then ask later.
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I have the same problem too. Lately it shuts itself without warning and sometimes it won't even boot up. What can be done?

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