How Do I Get My Computer Out Of Safe Mode?


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The introduction of a safe mode to Microsoft computers was to help troubleshoot problems with a computer by putting it into a mode where only the basic components that were needed to boot the computer, such as the video processors, keyboard and mouse, would load. Running the computer in safe mode allows the user to find out the indications of any problems the PC has had. Getting out of safe mode is easy if you follow the basic steps.

If the computer has managed to sort out any problems by initially booting in safe mode or if you triggered putting the PC into safe mode yourself, clicking ‘Start’ and ‘Restart’ should make the computer switch back on into normal mode.
If the computer continues to reboot in safe mode then you need to try a few more steps. During the computer’s rebooting process hit ‘F8’ on your keyboard, this will bring up the boot-up options. From here select ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ and the PC should launch with the most recent settings that worked successfully without safe mode.

If this still doesn’t make a difference and the computer continues to boot in safe mode then once it has finished loading select ‘Performance and Maintenance’ within the ‘Control Panel’. The System Properties window will now open and you will have the choice to select the ‘Hardware’ tab. Within here click ‘Device Manager’ and have a look for any entries with exclamation marks, reload these, reboot again and hopefully you should be back in normal mode.

Still having problems? If safe mode was entered via the System Configuration utility then enter ‘System Tools’ on your computer, look for ‘System Information’ and within that ‘System Configuration Utility’. From here, you should be able to select ‘Normal Start-up’ and a reboot will launch the PC in normal mode.
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You have done the right thing to get it out of the safe mode by pressing F8 key. Now the icons on your desktop are hidden. Just right click on your desktop and you will find 'arrange icons by'. When you will put cursor on it, you will see 'show desktop icons'. Click on it and everything will be on the screen.
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     Usually, the computer will automatically go into Safe Mode if a corrupted driver is installed on the machine. The driver may also be in conflict with other drivers in the system. One way to get out of Safe Mode is to pick LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION when the computer reboots into Safe Mode. Windows is suppose to be smart enough to go back to the next to last item that was placed on your computer and start up from there. Since you probably tried to reboot so many times Windows has lost count and may not get you to a good configuration.
     If this should happen then go into Safe Mode and, in Windows XP, go th the Start button, then to RUN and type in msconfig. When the System Configuration Utility comes up click on the Launch System Restore on the bottom right side under the General tab. Pick a date earlier than when you first noticed the problem. Reboot the computer, it should now boot normally.
     Windows Vista users have it a bit easier. Simply type System Restore (or pick it on the drop down menu) and follow the instructions above. If this doesn't work then go into Device Manager from the Control Panel and try to remove the last driver you installed, if you can remember it.  
     If your system still refuses to launch normally, then you will need your Application Disk, the one with the Windows Operating System on it, and insert it in the CD/DVD drive. Reboot the system and Press Any Key to Boot to CD. This will start the installation of Windows. Don't Panic. If you follow the prompts after the initial Windows configuration loads, it will ask if you wish to Install or Repair Windows. Choose R for Repair. Follow the prompts and Windows should remove and replace the corrupted software. If this fails then you have no recourse but to re-install the operating system. Choose New Install and follow the prompts. Unfortunately, you will lose ALL data so you will want to backup everything that is important to you before re-installing.
     GOOD LUCK !
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It has been a long time since I have seen that message but it used to follow a message that said "Keyboard not found". Maybe your keyboard is bad, or if wireless the battery is dead or just disconnected..
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Being "stuck" in safe mode generally indicates that one of the main system files (usually called DLLs) is damaged or missing, or that a piece of the computer's hardware is not operating properly. This latter condition could be caused by either a failure in the device or by a missing or improper device driver.

When your computer boots up in safe mode, pay close attention to determine why it is booting up that way. There will usually be some sort of an error message telling you what is wrong and why safe mode is being chosen.

Take a close look and let us know what you find out. We can try to debug further from there. Once you have more information, please visit our Help Me Mr. GreyFace page to submit your question and information. This will help us find and fix your problem as fast as possible.
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I have tried to press F8 clicked on start normally but it still goes into safe mode how can i stop this from happening
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You're stuck in the BIOS by the sounds of it.  Are there any more error messages along with the 'F1 to continue' message?  This usually indicates a problem with the BIOS being able to remember its settings, and may be solved by replacing the button cell clipped into the motherboard.  The button cell is almost always a CR2032.  If the BIOS Setup shows an incorrect date, a new battery should fix it. 

If you do replace the battery, then you will have to put your BIOS settings back in again; nowadays most computers can figure everything out for themselves, but there are some settings (such as power-save) that you may want to tweak.  There may also be a setting to enable for keyboard and mouse 'legacy USB mode' which allows a USB keyboard and mouse to be used in environments that don't support USB - such as the XP/Vista pre-boot screen!

By the way, if you hit F1, doesn't that allow you to boot, or does the computer just reboot?

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I am NOT 100% certain, but I think the only way to get out of Safe Mode is to restart the computer. You could either use the Start button and then click on RESTART or (not recommended) use the ON/OFF power switch and turn the computer off and the back on again.

I hope that helps you

Take care
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Usually when you shut the computer down, after using safe mode, it reboots in normal mode.  A person presses F8 to access safe mode.
If your computer didn't reboot into normal mode:  you will see an entire screen of a list of programs.  After that list, you will see three choices of modes to choose from.  You won't be able to use the mouse so you use the up and down arrows to highlight the mode you want and then press enter.
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First apply blower to your computer to clean the dust. Then check it's RAM and VGA Card. The possible cause of beeps are RAM and VGA CardI. Pull the RAM and VGA out and insert them again. Three beeps mean VGA card problem and 2 beeps mean RAM Problem.

When your system will start click on F8, it will ask you to use the mode you like your computer to start with.
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I have think I have tried everything possible to get my computer out of safe mode but the computer acts like it just keeps trying so can anyone help?
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Up until a few weeks ago I was d/loading films to disc, now I get a message saying I can't because my computer is in safe mode. What can I do?
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I recently got my computer fixed and I think it is in safe mode because everything seems big and there isn't too much room on my screen.  How do I get out of safe mode?
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Tried to click on f8 then clicked on start normal still goes  into safe mode how can I stop this ?please
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Safe mode is a problem-solving mode that is utilised by particular computer operating systems like Windows and Mac. When an operating system is in safe mode, it generally has reduced functional applications. However, it is much easier to segregate any hitches as several non-core parts are rendered disabled.

Safe mode ordinarily gives entry to utility and diagnostic programs so that a user is able to troubleshoot what is stooping the operating system from working properly. Actually the safe mode is meant to maintain the computer, not to repair its functionality. It provides minimum right to use features that usually annoy the user who simply think something is wrong with the computer.

To get out of safe mode on any electronic device, all one has to do is restart the system.

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