What Is Ring Topology And Mix Topology?


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Ring topology uses a topology with physical appearance of a star but ring topology operated under different role not like star topology. In ring topology all nodes (file server, workstations and peripheral devices) are connected in such way that each node is connected with two nodes in the network. First and last node in this network is connected with each other forming the ring.

Data flow in ring topology is unidirectional. In ring topology all computers have equal access to rest of network. If we increase the number of user then performance of remains satisfactory. Ring topology also has some drawbacks. A simple failure in a computer can impact the whole network.

Sometime in ring topology problems are difficult to isolate. The biggest drawback of ring topology is when we want to extend our network, network operations are disturbed. Adding or removing computers in network disturb the whole network. Mix topology is combination of three topologies bus topology, star topology and ring topology. Mix topology has no defined rules. Star bus topology is the example of mix topology. Rules of mix topology is up to you, mix one, two or three topologies to the best suit you need.
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In Ring configuration, there is no concept of Host or Master Computer. Local computers in the network are arranged in circular or ring form. Thus each computer of the ring network has basic communication capabilities. A computer receives data from one of its two adjacent computers. The only decision the computer has to make is that whether the data is for its own use or it needs to be passed on. If the data is addressed to the computer itself then it utilizes it otherwise forwards it in the network to its next adjacent computer.

Mix Topology or Hybrid topology is not any network configuration itself but it is a combination of different topologies. Different topologies have their own advantages and disadvantages so in reality a pure ring or pure star is not used. So an organization will use some sort of mix topology which is just a combination of different topologies and overcomes most of the disadvantages of the topologies. While choosing the mix topology for a computer network, following aspects like reliability of computer network, expandability of computer network, cost involved in building the network, availability of communication lines and delays in the network etc are kept in mind.
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In a ring network topology, each and every device has always a dedicated point to point connection only with the two devices on either side of it. A signal is passed along with the ring only and only in one direction,from one device to the next device, until it reaches its final address or destination.

Repeater is there attached with each device in the ring network. Whenever a device receives a signal designated for another device, its repeater generates the bits and passes them along. A ring is a bit easy to install and configure as each device is connected and associated only to its immediate neighbours (physically and logically). To add and delete a device needs changing only two connections. The only restrictions are media and traffic considerations. Fault isolation is very simplified. In a ring a signal circulates at all times. If one device does not receive a signal within a certain period, it can issue alarm. One of its demerits is that it is unidirectional. In a simple ring, a break in the ring can affect and disable the whole network.

Mix topology is also known as hybrid topology. In hybrid topology two or more networks (might be having different topologies) are interconnected through one physical topology. For example; star-bus topology etc.
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Ring topology and mix topology are networking terms which also known as Ring networking and mix networking. Ring topology refers to series servers which are linked together in a form of a ring or a circle. All the servers are connected to each other and are equal in form. The data is transmitted from one server to another at the same speed and the data usually travels through all the servers before reaching the final destination. A mix topology is referred to a kind of networking which uses all kinds of networking in a particular office or a company. The mixture of topologies include star network, bus network, mesh network and tree network among others.

It is very important to form such a networking procedure in an office so that the data moves smoothly from one place to another.

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