What Are Hierarchical Topology And Logical Topology?


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Hierarchical Topology :A hierarchical topology is created similar to an extended star topology. The primary difference is that it does not use a central node. Instead, it uses ad trunk node from which it branches to another nodes.

Logical Topology :A networks logical topology is how the hosts communication across the medium . The two most common types of logical topology are broadcast and token passing broadcast topology simply means that each host address its data to a particular NIC to a multicast address, or to a broadcast address on the network medium. There is no order that the stations must follow to use the network . It is first serve Ethernet also work this ways, as explained later in this course. The second logical topology is token passing.

Token passing controls network access by passing an electronic token passing. Token passing control network access by passing an electronic token sequentially to each host. When a host received the token, if can send data on the network ,If the host has no data to send it passes the token to the nest host, and the process repeats it self. Two examples of networks that use token passing are token Ring and FDDI , both of which are example of token passing on a physical ring topology.

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