Usb Not Working, Pc Does Not Recognize Psp, What Should I Do?


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...And you've made sure your PSP is in USB mode?
Huh. This is strange, as I just today plugged my PSP into a laptop that had never had a PSP plugged into it, and Vista had no problem recognizing it as a USB external drive, and gave easy access to the files on the memory card...
 You should not be having this problem. Is there something special about your PSP? What is your firmware revision? Is it hacked, or do you use Official Sony firmware updates? Does your PSP work in every other way? Are there any other problems with the pc or PSP (files that won't play, programs that don't run that should, certain games that won't play)?
 If you can give me at least some of that information, I can try to help, but with what you've given me, I'd currently say you should update your firmware, and then try to access your psp from a different pc (preferrably with Vista installed to see if it works with that one), and if you still get nothing... (especially if you cannot access the PSP from even an XP system) I'd say either the USB port is damaged, the cable you are using is damaged, or there are drivers that weren't installed when Vista was installed that you need to figure out how to install from the original install disk.
 I hope this gives you some direction to look for the next step, and good luck!
 If you need any further aid, feel free to leave me a note in my shoutbox, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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The possible reason is that Windows Vista is not recognizing your PSP and it needs driver. You should download PSP driver for windows vista from the internet. Just give the model of your psp and search it on the internet or call the customer care center of the manufacturer to know if the driver is available.
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Hey man i have the same problem mine windows xp my psp usb is not recognize
i usb mode then said PLEASE WAIT.. Then in my computer said usb not recogize
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My usb is connected where do I find the location of it

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