My EPSON DX4000 Will Not Work. What Do I Do?


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Muhammad . answered
You've got a very simple problem. You just need to adjust the printing papers again. There is something which is hurdle in the way of printing papers to come out. So adjusting them again will solve your problem. Just try it.
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Matt Neal
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Thanks a lot! I'll try it. That's a real help... :)
Ben Kyte
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Can anyone help me ? i have an Epson DX4000 and the language is set in German And i cant change it back. Any ideas ?
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Hello. I have a DX4000 (Epson all in one). I purchased brand new ink cartridges for the printer after the previous had run dry. I installed all four of them, but still the printer is telling me that all four are empty. I think it could be due to a problem with the censor, maybe? Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank You.

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