My Laptop Screen Is Not Working. How Do I Get It To Work?


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Hi aevea01, thank you for joining the group. The problem you're having with your screen is usually (not always ) caused by the "Inverter". It's a small part inside the screen casing/housing,fairly inexpensive (about $55 on average),and easy to replace. However, I need to know what kind of laptop you have (brand and model number ) and the screen size.
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Are there any names or numbers on the plastic near the bottom of your screen ,or on the plastic around the keyboard ?
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Before you replace anything, have you checked to be sure you didn't accidentally hit the F8 key and switch your screen to LCD mode? This is the option one uses when usually hooked when using an LCD projector, and it works like a toggle to see the image on the projection screen, versus on the laptop screen. On most computers, to toggle back and forth from this viewing mode, one presses Control+F8, but it might be Control+some other key on various brands/models. LCD will be printed on the appropriate key on your model. (PS-This wouldn't be a possibility if you shut down the night before and restarted your computer in the morning, but if it was continuously on, this is a possibility.)
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I have exactly the same problem and happened just like aevea01 said. My model is the acer 8920g - a truly unreliabe piece of technology (ram problems and everything)- it was working fine last night then when i turned it on this morning the screen didnt turn on it just remains black. Need help

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