What Damage Can Be Cause To Laptop LCD Screen, When The Monitor Cable, Has Been Burn Due To Soda Spill?


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I don't know much about laptops but I would say it depends on if the laptop has any type of fuse/relay/circuit breaker to shut off the power before any real damage was done...if there is some sort of diagnostic to tell if the screen is fried or if it is worth just replacing the whole thing...you would have to talk to a service technician(geek squad) to see which way is cheaper whether to try and repair it or just get another one....stupid question- how do you know the laptop works fine if the screen is fried(not working)....you didn't happen to get a warranty agreement with it for just this type of accident -just asking...
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I connected the laptop to a standard desktop monitor, and the system booted in Windwos XP with no problems; was able to run all installed software, and hardware, such as CD/DVD/RW, memory, printer, Hard Drive, USB Connections, etc. It's only the LCD Screen connections or the LCD screen or inverter was damage. The damage that was done, only affected the LCD screen it self, nothing else.

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