Is It True LCD TVs Can Cause Cancer?


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NO! I work in the cancer field and LCD tv's do not cause cancer. Everywhere you turn someone is saying this causes cancer or that causes cancer. Please don't believe everything you hear on what causes cancer. If you have questions on what might cause cancer, please check and see if there is a cancer clinic near you and ask them. They will be happy to give you information. Also, John Hopkins hospital is another good place to get information on this. Again, please don't believe everything you hear or read on what causes cancer.
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Though CRT's are still questionable. Though doubtful. But a constant bombardment of electrons to ones eyes could cause eye damage which only applicable to faulty telly's. I.e damaged screens.
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Quite possibly, light generation via electricity may be a primary
factor in mistiming our biological rhythms. Light refracts into our
thalamus glandular structure via the retinas and pineal, these time the
release of all the hormones in our bodies. There is new evidence
suggesting that our increased dependence on electricity, artificial
lighting, and communication frequencies are a major reason for our
cancer epidemic.

I don't work in the cancer industry but ive been
trying to understand trends in time, biology and spirit (vibrational
theory). Everything vibrates and has frequency whether we notice it or
not. The ultrahigh and long range frequencies that are now bombarding us
all over the planet certainly have an effect. We just may not know what
it is yet.

Even Lance Armstrong, who created a huge foundation to
fight cancer ironically settled out of court with Motorola, right after
he was diagnosed, as the company who was the sponsor of h
is team had been developing the first team radio. They had placed
prototype transmitters directly under the saddle where the riderssat
training and competing many hours each day.

The somewhat offbeat
and eccentric work by Professor Maurice Cotterill has also brought
attention the fact of how our sun (natural light) defines our entire
biological structure that allows us to regulate our gene function. He
became famous as the first person to chart certain solar activity by
discovering how the polar magnetic regions of sunspots rotated.

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It's debatable since electronics can be dangerous and cause radiation, which can lead to cancer, but it's highly likely since there isn't enough radiation in the TV to cause a tumor. Here you will find more information for you, as laboratory assistants conduct experiments up to such an option as electronics.

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