What Is The Standard Life Cycle Of Plasma Tvs?


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Life cycle of plasma tvs are less than LCD but still have a look at the figures:

On average use of 6hrs a day up to 14 years and then you will start notice that your plasma's brightness is going to be dull...(Heavy Gamers with PS3 and XBOX may experience something different)
Where LCD doesn't have problems with brightness, as you can change the viewing filter...

But main question is do you really going to to watch 6hrs everyday at your home and that is upto 14 years?

Prices are wide different between Plasma and LCD....

Conclusion: Go for Plasma
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The standard life cycle of a plasma tv is round about 3-6 years minimum.But some plasma tv function even longer than that.You should buy a plasma from a well known company like sony or Panasonic.
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Sony doesn't make plasma TVs (only LCD). On their website, Panasonic claims a life of up to 60,000 hours for their plasmas ( plasma).
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You are an idiot life cycle is the succession of strategies used by management and as a product goes through its product life cycle. You are thinking of LIFE SPAN which is how long something will have life.

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