How To Repair Screen Burn On Lcd Televisions?


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Screen burns on LCD televisions can reduce the quality of images significantly. Most of all, they are simply annoying, particularly if they are impossible to ignore. Luckily, screen burns can be easily repaired. You simply need to display a black and white image on the screen for a few hours - because of the way an LCD television works, the black and white colors will effectively ‘wipe out’ the burn effect.

Screen burns are not actual burns caused by excessive heat - they are what we call the imprinted ‘ghost’ images that can appear on LCD televisions from time to time. If a static image is displayed for a few hours, this can result in a screen burn. After switching from the static image to another image or moving station, the outline of the old static image remains. This phenomenon is due to the technology used in LCD televisions. To avoid screen burns, try not to display a static image for too long (so if, for instance, you plan to pause a movie for a long period of time, power off the screen). Screen burns are easily repairable.

Usually, a screen burn will disappear on its own after a few hours or so. If you are keen to get rid of it quickly (they can be frustrating) simply flick to a channel displaying ‘white noise’ - one that isn’t tuned in. On the screen, you will see black and white flashing lights which indicate the station isn’t functioning correctly. In this instance, they are useful, as they get rid of the screen burn. You should leave the television tuned into this channel for a few hours, or until you can see the burn has disappeared. If you need to, unplug your television box to obtain a screen of white noise.
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What a load of lies...... Screen burn in can be fixed and why pay for a DVD when there is plenty of programs that work
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If you are asking about an image being burned into the screen, I'm sorry to say there is no repair!!
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Get pixel protector, it's a dvd that repairs screen burn and many other things, there is a PAL version available to download pirated from torrent sites, or you can buy it.

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