How To Repair LCD TV?


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Unfortunately, there is no way to repair an LCD television by yourself, because they are made so complex these days that you will just have to send it back to the manufacturer to repair. Only they have the proper manuals and parts that are needed to test, clean, and repair it professionally. If you attempt to do it yourself you risk damaging the parts even more, which can cost you more money or render it unfixable.

Furthermore, LCD TV’s can be extremely confusing if you try to repair it yourself; you will need the proper training and background in order to know how to diagnose and troubleshoot effectively. The machinery alone can also be quite overwhelming, as monitors are usually an inch to three inches thick with heights of 15 to 21 inches.

If you have invested a lot of money in a good LCD TV model, you are better off having it checked for maintenance every year or so, even if there are no damages yet. This will prevent lingering problems which you may not see or experience right away from building up and causing more damage in the future. If the problem is a cracked LCD, this can no longer be fixed and you will have to resort to purchasing a new LCD panel. Owning an LCD TV surely brings a lot of joy but it is also a big responsibility.

LCD TVs nowadays are more complex because the monitor alone is made up of five layers: Polarized glass, a layer of liquid crystal solution, another sheet of polarized glass, backlight, and colored pixels. All of these combine to give viewers such high definition viewing and intense clarity each and every time. The crystals are especially important in as they open or close like shutters, that let light in or out depending on the stimulus, to pass through the pixels and then create the pictures you are viewing.
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Can someone please help me. Was watching tv on my 37" AIM LCD. All of a sudden screen went on / off - on / off en then decided to stay off. What part is damaged on it, and what created the problem?. Tv is only 2.5 years old. Of course the guarantee was only for 2 years.  
PLEASE any info will be highly appreciated.
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I have a two year ol 55" Panasonic LCD TV that after about 45 minutes of turning it on, I lose the picture for approx 10 seconds, when it does come back, it takes a few more seconds for the audio to kick in.  This happens about every 20-30 minutes, or when I change channels.  I cleaned up around the cooling fan in the rear of the unit and it got a little better, any ideas?
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I have a 47" philips lcd tv which was bought four months back and sparingly used.since last week when playing the tv,the picture disappears and after a few seconds appears on the screen again.this happens after one hour or so at regular intervals.suddenly yesterday when watching a movie,the picture disappeared and no display on the screen.the blue screen turned black and when operating the remote,no response at all .normally when I turn on the tv,I was getting a blue screen.but now it's entirely black.can you brief me and advice me what to do and whether the repair will be very expensive ? I will be very grateful for your advice. Thanks once again.
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It sounds like the power supply has went bad. If that is what has happened, you can expect it to cost about 400.00 to fix.
Sounds like your power supply is on the fritz. This should be relatively inexpensive to replace but be sure to take it to an authorized repair center to avoid damaging it further.
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My LCD tv  was working fine, and now it will not come on.   Only a tiny red light comes on, and I put new batteries in the remote because I thought that was the problem.  The tv is only 2 years old!  Thanks!

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