How Do You Remove Candle Wax From LCD Tv Screen?


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Michael Regenauer Profile
First here are some things you should NOT! Use, alcohol, windex,
ammonia, furniture polish, scrapers of wood, metal, plastic, razor blades, or anything hot. These kinds of things will damage or ruin the anti glare coating.
Here is what you will need--1 roll of VIVA paper towels.You can get these at Walmart or K-Mart. Do not use any other brand. Then get some ice cubes. Put a few cubes in a piece of
folded over Viva and run down very slowly on a streak of
wax followed right behind by a folded over piece of Viva.
You might need to do this a couple of times. Then you can use your Phillips gel and a micro fiber cleaning cloth using vertical and then horizontal movements. Good luck.

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Torrey Wise answered
The best way to remove wax from off of a tv screen is with car wax any kind ..paste wax but I use cleaner wax by meguires it really works...apply on wax on let dry then remove with dry cloth

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