Can You Record VHS To DVD On A VHS/DVD Combo?


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If you are looking to record a DVD from a VHS then you are require to have a DVD recorder system. If your VHS/DVD combo contains the DVD recording option in its options, only then you are able to record the DVD from VHS. I have not seen any combo VHS/DVD with the DVD recording option. However, there are VHS/DVD combos in which VHS recording option is present. You can also consult the user's manual provided by the company along with your VHS/DVD combo.

However, I would like to suggest you to copy VHS to the computer so that you can edit the VHS properly and then record it to the DVD. In this way you can have a better quality DVD than copying the DVD directly from the VHS to DVD. To record copy VHS to your pc, you simply need to have the connecting leads from VHS player to computer easily available in the market. Then you can either burn the DVD directly from computer system or record the DVD through a DVD recorder. If you have any other enquiry about recording a DVD from computer, you can ask about it.

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