What Do I Need To Transfer My VHS Tapes To My MAC So That I Can Edit Them And Then Burn To A DVD?


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You need a "Video Capture" device, or what's sometimes called a "Frame Grabber."

On the Mac, there's a neat little device that allows you to connect a video input (from your VCR RCA jack) to the computer's USB port.  It's also a analog and high def digital TV tuner.  Look for EyeTV Hybrid made by Elgato.  Mine works very well.
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The simplest way to do this, if you have VHS tapes, what you can do is you can buy a combo VHS recorder or DVD recorder. You just have to put your VHS tape into DVD recorder, put an empty DVD and then dub it. You will be able to play your DVDs in Mac. If you want to do some great cutting you can amend the DVD and burn a new one. To connect the VHS to the burner or computer go through the website below:
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Do you mean DV to DVD for mac ?or VHC to DVD?
This site has lots of info and more links to rippers and what you can do with dvd files.
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Yes you need to buy Video Capturing card, the card quality varies and determined in Mega Pixels. More mega pixels better the capturing will be. Once you will have the Video Capturing card then you can attach the RF leads with computer card and store the file in DVD format and then write the whole file in DVD format on the DVD Disc.

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