How Do You Fit A LCD TV To The Wall?


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LCD T.V is a very expensive and delicate television set So it is essential to be careful while fixing this T.V. To fix this T.V first off all you need to decide where to fix it. Unless and until you find a proper place, where the LCD can be fixed you can not do the further procedure. The space on the wall should be wide enough to hold the TV. Try not to keep it at a high level.

Now, you need to check what kind of section is give behind the TV. If you find any screw holes you need to affix the angle to the TV. Angel is provided to you with the T.V. you will be able to see holes on the corresponding part of the angle as well. You need to make holes on the wall with the same measurement; you should do this in such a way that the angel could be affix to the wall. After you have drilled the holes, you can affix the T.V on the wall. You are suggested to take help from someone.

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