What Height Should An LCD Television Be Mounted At?


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To be candid there is no one-size-fits-all solution here as every single case of wall mounting a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or Plasma flat-screen television in a house will be unique.
I say that it is a unique case because people are different sizes and have chairs, sofas and settees of differing heights. The rule of thumb for wall mounting a LCD television is whatever is comfortable for you when you are seated. You don't want to be looking down or (in particular) looking up at the screen as this can cause strains and pains in your neck.
So sit down on your couch, not bolt upright but how you usually sit on it and look straight ahead at where you are thinking of putting the TV. Then either remember where dead centre is or rope in someone else and direct them to mark on the wall with a pencil where dead centre is located.
Then depending on the size of the telly you need to make another mark above it. This is because the initially mark will be where the absolute centre of the television should reside. This will usually be about 48" off the ground for most people.
Another thing to bear in mind is that if you use the screen mainly for gaming with motion sensor hardware, namely Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect or Sony Playstation Move and therefore stand up while playing, then you may require the LCD Television to be mounted higher for the reasons outlined above, to minimise pains or strains in the neck.
Finally ensure that you use an approved bracket for the make of television that you own and that it is strongly and safely secured to wall.
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This is what I found from searching the net.

The viewing angle refers to the maximum horizontal and vertical viewing angles from which an
LCD TV screen can be viewed at acceptable image quality. A wide viewing angle has various
benefits, such as the ability to allow a group of people to view the screen at the same time.
Currently, most LCD TVs are capable of at least 160o/160o (Horizontal / Vertical), and some
are able to exceed 170o/170o (H / V), Viewing angles that are as close to 180o as possible are
always preferable.

It still doesn't answer the question, if you're like me and wont a specific number. This is how I solved the problem. I assumed the viewing position on the couch. Then had some one measure from the floor to my eye, add 4 inches and mounted the screen centred at that height. Is it right? Don't know, but it's right for me. By the way my screen is 46 inches.
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Deciding to fix a LCD TV on wall is a big decision. It is recommended that the TV be mounted on a height at which you will be comfortable watching it.

A nice way to watch or display your plasma TV is by mounting in on a wall. The advantages of mounting Plasma on the wall are that not only does it save space but it also helps when you have small children in your house. It is also a useful way of incorporating the plasma TV with the rest of the room. Also because of the easy accessibility of Plasma TV wall mounts, attaching a plasma TV has become an easy job.

It is necessary to check you measurement properly before mounting a television because once mounted it will difficult to re-mount or fix the badly done job.
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It should be comfortable for you to watch it. It also depends on the height of your couch

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T - 3 inches from your roof. No matter how tall your roof is. It is based on the average human eye ball, that is 3 inches from the forehead. Considering the ratio of your tv, say its 20,000:1 that has nothing to do with where you mount it. But life does. The perfect height is the most important part of the mounting, and thats why I really don't want people to mess it up.

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