Which Is Better Plasma Or LCD Televisions And Why?


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Ah, finally a good tech question
Plasma looks nicer. Has very pretty colors and such, however, plasma TVs are VERY expensive and use a lot more electricity to run.
LCD technology has been refined to the point where it has achieved true HD clarity, is lighter, and definitely cheaper, both in initial cost and in cost of running.
Plasma takes even longer to come on than LCD does, so if you hate to wait for your picture...

Plasma is Bling. It looks nicer, but because of the expense is often paired with a sub-par sound system. Sure you could buy a 7.1 surround sound system, but that is additional expense.

So, which is better? Plasma is nice if you have a LOT of money to spend on the TV, sound system, and power. LCD will still give you very nice HD, at a cheaper cost.

As long as you stay away from the bottom-rack LCD TVs, your best bet is LCD. In the Mid-range, you get price, picture, and decent sound.

In my opinion, this makes LCD tech better.

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Well I sure appreciate the comment. I ended up buying a 42inch RCA LCD t.v. And I am very pleased with it. The other option was a 40inch Plasma and the price was slashed it was an off brand. This was the only plasma on display all the rest were LCD. THANK you.
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Glad to help :)
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It all depends on the price range you are looking at, Plasma screens are more heavy duty, whereas LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) can be easily damaged while cleaning or with children who fight over who is going to turn the TV on first!! The Plasma screen TVs as said by [shr3dd3r08] are more expensive but they do last longer in the long run and are much more worth their money
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Plasma TV is better then LCD TV because Plasmas are listed at 500-700 cd/m2 and LCD TV's contrast ratios range from 350-450:1.Plasmas measure contrast ratios of up to 3000:1. And LCD TV contrast ratios range from 350-450:1.Plasma is able to completely turn off pixels when not in use and LCD technology works means that there is some stray light and therefore obtaining true color is difficult.You are missing some thing, That is HDMI port should be attached with television.because in future, you need to purchase Google TV device with television. There are many advantages of Google TV device.You can browse internet on Television. You can watch movies, videos, Facebook etc.Google TV device support SD card expansion.I m using Google TV device with no error.I m sending a link, give a look.

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