What Is The Customs Duty For Lcd Tv In Bangladesh?


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Usually for LCD TVs the customs duty is around 20000 Tk.

Although it has made significant reforms in the past few years, Bangladesh remains one of the most restrictive trade regimes in Asia and gets a major portion of its current revenue from import duties and excise taxes. In 1999, tariff reform was accelerated by the compression of customs duty rates into a range of 0 - 37.5 per cent, including a variety of products from raw materials to finished products. There is also a 2.5 per cent infrastructure development surcharge on nearly all imports. Customs procedures are lengthy and burdensome and Bangladesh's list of prohibited imports is lengthy.

There are three export processing zones; one in Chittagong, one in Dakha, and one in Gazipur; three more are under construction in Comilla, Issardi, and Mongla. Bangladesh is a member of the South Asia Preferential Trade Agreement (SAPTA).
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I want to send one lcd tv 32 inch for my house in pakistan how much I will pay custom

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