How Do You Fit A TV Aerial Over The Roof My House?


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Anvin Raj answered
There are a couple varieties of TV aerials available in the market. Aerials are very important as it helps in transmitting a clear display on the television screen. In order to fit a TV aerial you would require some basic things such as cutter, cable connection jack to attach the cable wire, insulation tape, marker, etc. The aerial should be placed on the roof in an area where there is no kind of obstruction such as trees, etc.

You would have to measure the space between your TV and the aerial. Now the next step would be to attach one end of the cable wire to the aerial by tying the naked wire to the aerial and the other end to the cable connector jack. This jack is now inserted in the RF point on the TV. Now, switch on the TV and checkout the transmission. If the display is distorted then you can move the aerial so that you get a better picture.

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