How Do You Install A TV Aerial?


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If you are looking to install the TV aerial yourself, there are a number of things that you will need to think about before you begin.

First of all, you will need to establish where the ideal place for the aerial to be set up is. This is important because if the area you set the aerial up in does not receive the signal very well, then the entire thing is not going to work.

To do this correctly it may be in your best interests to consult someone who knows what they are doing. Perhaps getting in touch with a satellite engineer or other specialist with the correct knowledge would be the most useful thing to do.

You should find out how far away your house is from the nearest TV transmitter, and also take note of any obstacles that lie between your aerial and the transmitter. These could be trees, buildings or any other things that could interrupt the signal. You should also discover what kind of polarization your local transmitter uses; horizontal or vertical.

Then you will need to connect the aerial to the television and take the aerial to the place where you want to put it. Take note that you can have an outdoor or indoor aerial; depending on what is more ideal for you.

Begin to point the aerial in the direction of your local TV transmitter and take notice of the clarity on screen. Keep flicking through all the available channels to ensure that you are receiving the best overall coverage. After a while, you will hopefully establish the best position to leave your aerial so you can sit back and enjoy the best possibly quality of television.
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I just reconnected the aerial cable to the aerial on teh roof. I had a picture with colour, but snowy, and I had sound. The picture twitched now and again. Now I have no picture at all but the sound is there.  What must I do?
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  There are several things to be taken into consideration if you are thinking of installing a TV aerial at your place. You have to first select a proper place for installing the TV aerial. It would be better if you take the guidance and help of someone who knows and are involved in setting up TV aerials to make your task easier. If you do not set it up properly then it would be of no use and would simply be waste of your time and effort. Hence it is better to discuss and plan before you venture to install a TV aerial.

  The ideal conditions, proper settings and other things are very essential for the effective working of the TV. I would suggest you to research about the installation of a TV aerial on the internet. There are several sites which would give you information on how to install a TV aerial. One of these sites is This website has an article where there is detailed but relevant information on how to install a TV aerial in your loft.
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If the picture is snowy on analogue or pixelating on digital then it may be a problem with the coaxial cable itself, not everythinh always mounts up to having a new TV aerial fitted. As long as the aerial is correctly aligned, try having a new cable fitted from the aerial down to the TV set with no joints or splits, see how that goes. :)

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