I Have A Dark Picture On My Phillips Big Screen TV, What Could It Be?


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This sounds a lot like screen burn. Screen burn is a common problem with LCD screens. If one image has been left on your screen for a long period of time then you can be left with a dark image that has been burned into the screen, which is visible at all times. You can, however, eliminate most screen burns on televisions using a computer and a black and white screen saver. If you want to get rid of the dark image on your screen then follow the following tips and you should be okay.

Firstly, turn on your PC and create an image that is pure white. Then you need to open a new paint document and create another image that is black. Save both of these images under 'black' and 'white' in a 'screen burn' folder. Then go to the Windows desktop and right click on the screen. Select options and open that. Then choose the screen saver tab and click it to open it. Choose the option to use photograph slideshows as the screen saver. You then need to choose the 'screen burn' folder as the images for the slideshow screen saver.

You then need to make it so that the screen saver rotates the images as quickly as it can, and making the pictures appear as big as possible. Set the screen saver to appear after a minute, and then you're nearly done. The next thing you need to do is connect the TV to your computer as a screen using a video connection. Then you just need to wait for the screen saver to come on. Let it run for half an hour and repeat when necessary to get rid of screen burns.
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It sounds that color tube of your television has stopped working now and the main function of this color tube is to give brightness to your television. So you need to get it repaired by some television technicians. If you had any experience of changing this sort of tube then go ahead otherwise this is not a good idea for you.
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Clean the inside

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