I Have A 53inch Panasonic Projection TV, There Appears To Be A Dark Spot On The Bottom, Why?


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Geoff Pursel answered
First of all, has the spot always been there?
Second of all, never use anything but a dry rag to dust your TV. Windex will damage the screen coating and cause spots to appear. This damage is permanent.

This may also be a spot on the bulb itself. Projection TVs use a high powered bulb to project the image. If something got stuck to the bulb, it can cause a dark spot. I would have a qualified technician look at it, because your hubby might damage it. (It is very delicate in there, and if he touches a capacitor, it can kill him)

If the spot is across the whole bottom, then you should know that projection TV's can be dark around the edges. But if the spot hasn't always been there, then take it to a TV repairman, and protect your investment!

Good Luck

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