I Have A Pt-51hx42f Panasonic Tv And The Power Button Blinks 5 Times, But The Tv Never Comes On. Does Anyone Have Any Suggestions?


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I had this problem with a customer's set. Replacing R800 (1.5 ohm, 5w) fixed the set. R800 is across the relay contacts of RL802. In this set AC power goes thru two in-series relays before the SMPS gets power. Apparently relay #1 RL801 closes when you press power, then a less than maximum current goes thru R800 to start the SMPS working. Once the SMPS is partially working, relay #2 RL802 gets energized and closes, its contacts short across R800, and the SMPS then gets full power. Physically, R800 is close to the AC line filters. I guess 5 blinks means the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is not working. It might also mean SMPS-supplied voltages are missing or possibly that the Horizontal Output circuit isn't oscillating - but these are intelligent guesses, couldn't find the blink code in the Service Manual - so if R800 is not your problem, I would check the usual SMPS or Horizontal Output type problems: A shorted SMPS Chopper Q801, a bad SMPS Controller IC801, a shorted Horizontal Output Transistor Q551, or maybe a bad Flyback Transformer. Bob Beal, Master Tech Repairs, Killeen, Texas.

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