How Can I Change A Language On Epson Stylus Dx 4000? It's In German, I Want To Turn It To English.


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Changing the language on an Epson Stylus Dx 4000 is usually resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. You will need your driver disc that came with the computer or a downloaded copy from the Epson support website.

     1. Make sure the scanner is connected and turned on. Using the Printer Control Panel, cancel any current printing jobs in your queue, then turn off and disconnect the printer. 
2. Go to the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel. Uninstall the driver from there, being sure you follow the necessary prompts to remove the Epson Stylus Dx 4000 driver.
3. You will need to go to the inf folder from Windows Explorer. For Windows 2000, this folder is accessed by typing in c:winntinf. In later versions, this folder is accessed by going to c:windowsinf.
4. Start searching for oem files from Seiko Epson in this folder. In Local Services, stop the Print Spooler.
5. If you're using Windows Vista, you'll need to restart at this point. Otherwise, remove all w32X86 files,  restart the computer and confirm that the Print Spooler is running properly.
       6.Go to the C: Drive using Windows Explorer, and locate the EPSON folder. Delete all folders,  including the PrinterDriverTemp folder. Restart the computer. Upon restart, empty out the Recycle Bin to remove all instances of the earlier installation.
     7.Reinstall your driver, making sure the scanner is still disconnected. Follow all given directions  carefully.
    8.Reconnect the scanner when prompted by the installation software. Once you've done this, print out a document to confirm the proper language settings.
When you follow these steps, your scanner should be displaying everything in the correct language.
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When you install the printer it asks the language in which you want to install the printer in the beginning of the wizard. You have to uninstall the printer software and then reinstall it with English language.

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