I Want To Create A Fansite. What Features Should I Put On It?


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It depends what fansite you want. If it is a fansite based on a book, then you could add features such as a biography of the author of the book, detailed descriptions of the book, character details, book theories and many other features.

If you are creating a fansite for a specific person, such as a pop star, then you would include features such as a biography, pictures, details of singles or albums that they have produced, tour dates, and news related to them.

If it is a fansite for your favourite computer game series then you would include images from the games, information about the games and so on.

Always remember to add a copyright on your website, especially if you are using images from a particular film or book etc. You need to make it clear that the images do not belong to you and they are property of whoever created them. For example, if you are creating a Harry Potter fansite then you need to state that all characters belong to J.K. Rowling, and if it is a site dedicated to the Harry Potter films, then you need to state that all images are property of Warner Bros.

In some cases, you may even need to seek permission from whoever owns the copyright of what you are dedicating your site to.

If any content is entirely your own, then add a copyright for yourself, to pevent others from plagiarising your work.
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Lets say that you wanted to a fan site based on a specific pop star, lets say leona lewis. You could put a profile on all about her and how she became famous. You could put quizzes on and fun games for your fans. Questionaires are good too! You definately need information about the fan club - you could possibly even put on a colum about you and why you wanted to start up the site.
There is no do's and don'ts - just put on what you want, after all you created it!
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You can use this celebrity fansite script to create the fansite of your favourite celebiry

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