What Is SOP In SAS Programming?


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The term SOP in SAS programming basically stands for standard operating procedure and standing operating procedure, they usually applied in a number of diverse contexts, ranging from day to day use, to industry and the military.

A standard operating procedure generally is a group of instructions which have the force of a directive, enveloping those features of operation which lend themselves to a specific or standardized method without loss of effectiveness. Each and every high-quality system is based on its standard operating procedures. In scientific research, SOP's are illustrated by the International Conference of Harmonization. The existence of quality documents is vital when inspections occur because the most recurrent deficit all through inspection are the lack of documented SOPs and the failure to stick to them.
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The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to describe the life cycle development of SAS programs within the Biometry group. These programs are used to produce reports and data for regulatory agency submissions, publications, presentations, or other internal use.

This SOP
does not cover SAS utilities or external SAS based vendor supplied tools used
within Biometry.

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