Who Is The Father Of Programming?


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It is not certain who the father of programming is. The father of computing is the title of Charles Babbage. Charles Babbage was an Englishman who was a mechanical engineer, a mathematician and a philosopher. He was the first person to develop the idea of a computer that could be programmed. The mechanisms of his invention in their incomplete form are at display in the Science Museum in London. His idea was practical and would have worked when in 1991 a model based on his original was made and performed perfectly as expected. He had developed his idea in the nineteenth century.

George Dantzig is considered as the father of linear programming. He is so credited for having introduced simple algorithm. He was born on the 8th of November 1914 and died on the 13th of May 2005. He was the recipient of multiple awards including the Theory Prize from John von Neumann 1974 and the National Medal for Science in 1975.

There's also Dr. James Gosling who known as the Father of Java programming.
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In 1977, James Gosling received a B.Sc in Computer
Science from the University of ... And is known as the father
of the Java programming language. ... He is generally  
credited as the inventor of the Java programming language in

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