If The Computer Does Not Shutdown Properly What May Be The Problem?


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It is very strongly advised that computers must be shutdown properly because when ever the computer does not shutdown properly then there can be certain problems can occur as follows.
1. The monitor tube can be damage which is the hardware part of the computer system and a loss of money.
2. In this way the colors of monitor screen can be effect or can be burn.
3. The monitor screen can be in the form of flickering and the LCD can be damaged.
4. The windows file can be corrupted so that the damage of window software.
5. The software which is currently open can be affected by corruption of any file.
6. The speed of computer can be effected because when ever the computer shutdown improperly the process files are not save in backing storage properly. So that their loading from backing storage can be take time.
7. There may be any circuit damage/break due to improper shutdown in the central processing unit (CPU).
8. The currently processing software can not save the work which is holding on them.
9. The storage of data can be defected because the data can not saved at the time of shutdown

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