Ipod Touch Locked And Disabled Connect To Itunes What Do I Do?


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Ipod disabled connect to itunes and is locked.

If your iPod Touch is locked and telling you ‘iPod disabled connect to iTunes’ then you can use iTunes to restore it. Follow these steps:

  • Firstly you need to make sure you back up any important data you don’t want to lose on to your computer, as restoring your iPod will wipe it clean so you will need to re-install later.
  • On your computer, connect to the internet and install the latest version of iTunes from:
  • Connect your iPod Touch to your computer using your USB cord.
  • Make sure iTunes is open and then select ‘iPod Touch’ from the menu bar on iTunes.
  • Select the ‘summary’ tab.
  • Click on ‘check for update’.
  • Choose ‘restore’ and the follow the instructions when prompted to restore your iPod Touch.
  • If this didn’t work then you may need to do an advanced restore, if that is the case then follow these steps:
  1. Turn your iPod off.
  2. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer.
  3. Switch your iPod on.
  4. Hold down the ‘home’ and ‘sleep/wake’ buttons together for 5 seconds until you see the Apple logo appear.
  5. Let go of the ‘sleep/ wake’ button but carry on holding the ‘home’ button. Now your iPod Touch should reboot and iTunes on your computer will see that the iPod is in recovery mode.
Once you have done this go back to the first set of steps and complete in order to restore your iPod Touch.

Please bear in mind, that as mentioned above, restoring your iPod will erase everything off it, so if you have anything important you want to save make sure you do so before completing these steps.
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Reach your iPhone to Recovery Mode to bypass the password. The easiest and quickest way to enter iPhone Recovery Mode is to use some free software, I ever used it on my iPad mini. Worked perfectly. You can have a try if necessary.

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Hello, I have a locked out Ipod, I have done all the steps above, when it is recovery mode and I click on "Restore Ipod" A window pops up saying "The ipod software update server could not be contacted. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later." network is definitely connected, does anybody know what I can do next?

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Im having the same problem but the home button is broken. Is there any way to put it in recovery mode or something?

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I´m having the same problem but the thing is that my home button is broken. Is there any way to put the iPod in recovery mode or something?

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Can the same steps be used for an iPhone as an iPod for a forgotten passcode and phone disabled??? It's driving me crazy

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Forgotten your iPhone Passcode?
If you have forgotten your iPhone's Passcode you will need to restore your phone via iTunes. But first you have to put your phone into the restore mode which is a slightly fiddly process.

  • Plug your iPhone into your PC or Mac with the USB cable.
  • Press and hold the power button at the top and then slide to power off the iPhone.
  • Press the power button to power the iPhone on and keep it held while simultaneously pressing the home button.
  • After a few seconds a yellow alert triangle will appear and the iPhone will say it is iPhone Restore Mode.
  • Open up iTunes and click on the Summary tab
  • Click on Restore to restore your iPhone. This will reset all your iPhone's setting to the factory defaults, including the Passcode.
You should then follow the steps above to activate the Passcode with a memorable number
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Is there anyway I can do this without losing everything cause not all my apps are saved on a computer so I lost all of them if you go to the mac store can they do anything?
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Generally, it's because your software has corrupted or similar.

Connect the ipod to your PC with itunes started up, it should detect that the ipod is in restore mode and allow you to restore the software and it should work again. If the PC does not recognise the ipod you may need to put it into DFU mode, do a google search for ipod touch DFU and you will find plenty of guides and tools to help you.
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Just connect it in computer and when itunes opens, click on your ipod summary, and then click on sync. Your ipod will be start to work again.
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Turn off, hold down the button, then still holding onto the button, plug it in. It will work automatically.
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  • Connect iPod to your laptop or pc.
  • Then slide to power off.
  • Press home button and sleep button at same time.
  • Then ipod automatically goes to restoring mode.
  • Then follow the instruction and hit the button restore.
  • After that again hit the restore and update button.
  • Ipod shows downloading process.

Then you can enjoy your your ipod as previous. But It will delete your older songs, messages, contacts, photos, etc.
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OK See my ipod did the same thing its really easy. Go to any computer with itunes while ithe ipod is disconnected, turn it on hold the circle button with the square on it while you plug it into the computer and click restore on the computer and wait for it to update I just did it and my ipod is back to normal.
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Ok everybody when it says connect to Itunes you un-plug your wire from your pc and then you shut down your ipod. Whilst doing this hold down the home screen button and hold it and plug it in at the same time and then you connect it to I tunes.
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For Ipod:

Slide off your ipod touch if it says ''Disabled''.
Hold the Home button for 6-7 seconds, then plug the USB cable in.
An image of an USB and icon of itunes will appear on your iPod's screen
On your PC, your iTunes will pop out automatically.
Click restore, it takes some time for me to work.

Hope it helps, good luck guys!
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Just connect to itunes and re-sync. This happens to me a lot. You wont loose any information, just connect it to itunes.
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My ipod is disabled and won't connect to itunes.

  • Turn off your ipod.
  • Hold the home button while plugging in your ipod.
  • It will tell you to restore it.
  • Do that and it will work again but you will have to re sync everything.
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mesal  rai
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My ipod say connect to itunes plz help me i donot have idea about that plz help...
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Hi please could you tell me how to connect to itunes i have tryed to but it wont come up and all my ipod says is connect to itunes and has said it for the past 3 day if you could help me i would be very gratefull if you would help thanx
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Omg!! Thank you so so much! That worked!!!
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Mine did the same thing & I don't even have itunes on my computer anymore because I rebooted my computer & havent updated my ipod since last summer. Do you think if I went to the apple store it would help?
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First,you press the home button for a minute exactly, then you turn off your device 3 times, afterwards connect it and do the same again it should detect it and if not force restart it.

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