Can A Desktop Computer Be Carry On Luggage?


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Yes the computer can be carried as luggage but as long as the weight and size of the box is within the guidelines or policies.As computer is an expensive item, one should deal it with great care. Make sure that each and every item of computer is packed well; because while loading the plan with luggage the employees throw the boxes without knowing what is there in them. They don't care whether the boxes are marked fragile or not.

Try to ship desktop computer separately. By doing so one can make sure that they packed properly with enough cushioning and a large box. In this way one need not to be troubled about the lugging computer around the airport and will avoid all the other hassles that go along with airport security. People don't trust the shipping services but if they ever come to know or see how airport luggage is treated then they won't prefer airport. In what ever way make sure that the boxes are properly sealed and name and address are clearly mentioned

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